Well, nearly at the end… we got most all the wood put together, and most of the cloth on the craft this afternoon.

Anybody that’s following along looking for tips, etc. PLEASE note that I haven’t totally followed the directions 🙂

I’m sure that’s a designer’s nightmare, but us boat-builder types are independent and always have a thought of how to do it "better".

In the picture above, the floorboards are hanging down… this is because the bolts I had to fasten them to the rear floor supports which would have stopped them from flopping were too short. I’ll stop by the local orange box (Home Depot) and pick up more appropriately sized ones which will fix that.

With the earlier comments concerning taking measurements to the millimeter (literally), I still don’t see the need for that level of accuracy in some of this… at the end, you are propping things in place and fastening it together with strips of cloth… nothing wrong with that at all, but I don’t see that a measurement being off here and there really is that big a deal.

But, by all means, build it according to the instructions! Any deviation is my playing around, not recommended!

This picture shows the cloth mostly on. Here’s where I’m deviating (right now) the most from the design. I just can’t see the problem with letting the cloth extend farther up the sides of the craft to let that nice, very waterproof fabric protect that cheap, not great plywood. If I’m lucky, it will reach above the water line. I realize it will add to the weight, but that’s not high on my list of concerns.

I did run a line of glue (I used PL Premium for attaching the PVC cloth instead of silicone) along the edge of the side panels as specified, and then another at the edge of the cloth. If it proves to be a problem for the cloth to extend farther, then I can cut it back as the plans show and sand off the "extra" up at the higher spots on the sidewall.

Not that the aft and fore ends aren’t quite done yet, so you’ll note it hanging loose.

In correspondence with another builder, I came to the conclusion of using the PL Premium. I had it, wanted to use it throughout, although silicone would be obtainable easily. His testing found that the PL Premium, if dampened with a slight mist of water (lay a bead, spritz it) stuck very well to the PVC. Figured it sounded good to me… we’ll try. I put Dane (my handy little helper) to work wetting the glue and we put all the cloth on in just an hour or so.