In my previous post ("More Painting") I mentioned the extent of painting even such a small boat… well, I’m not the first to run into this. Reading through Michael Storer’s writeup on his Dayboat/Launch, I found the following quote:

Well, we succeeded on all grounds.  The boat went together quickly because of the prefabrication method with all major components made up on the flat (drawing right), looked quite handsome, behaved quite well in the water, but the problem was the labour involved in painting all that surface area.  Despite the fact the boat was relatively clean and simple the labour estimates for the finishing made the whole project uneconomic – painting one boat was fine – but another 49+ could drive you nuts!!! It is a bit of a general lesson really – if someone says that a particular boat will take only 6 hours to build, or that their construction method takes half the time of someone else’s design then they are quite possibly not including the painting!