If you’ve checked this page for any length of time, you’ve probably seen the rotating "book" display over in the left column. This method hasn’t been great for finding things, and there are a LOT of boating and related books out there that I think should be easier to find. So… There is now "The Store at Craft A Craft"… check out this Amazon powered store site for your boating book fix.

General categories are geared around boating specific searches. There are separate listings for the popular designers’ publications. Dig around… I keep finding things I didn’t know were "out there".

All the "selling" is done through Amazon… I do get a percentage if you buy it through this site… if you would rather go straight to Amazon, feel free. The cost to you will be the same either way.

The older list can be found at: Old Book List. If you find it cheaper somewhere else, let me know… Amazon’s just convenient for a lot of us 🙂