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We’ve mentioned various Glen-L plans and projects before, but I wanted to point out some new resources they have made available to the amateur boat builder.

Glen-L has catered to the home-builder for many, many years. They sell a wide range of plans and also kits and supplies.

They are now offering a free email based newsletter, if you wish to sign up. They are offering two PDF articles as a "bonus" if you sign up…

"Plywood Boatbuilding for Virgin Boatbuilders" Parts I, II & III by Dick Koepp – Dick has been building Glen-L boats since the 1960’s and in this informative and entertaining article, he takes the mystery out of building a plywood boat. Dick offers his tips and insight gained from building multiple Glen-L designs and takes you step-by-step through the building process. This invaluable article is a must-read for beginning and experienced boat builders.

"Glossary of Boatbuilder Terms" – This is a collection of boatbuilding terms and their meanings that will have you speaking like an experienced "salty" in no time!

Both of these seem pretty good… the glossary seems quite complete and helps those of us starting out in this boating world with its entirely different take on the English language 🙂 The Plywood Boatbuilding article is interesting and provides some good thoughts to consider if you are just getting started. Make sure and get past Part I which is a little high level in my opinion.

The web newsletter is pretty good, with a range of content from pictures of craft built from Glen-L plans, to comments and letters, to short articles. The latest issue had an article concerning modifying stock plans by Ken Hankinson (a designer), what is safe to change and what you should leave alone. Since most of us seem to immediately want to start modifying plans, this was a good read.