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The story of the MS Watergeus and how to convert a Dutch barge into a houseboat

A really detailed web site with a ton of information. The site not only covers the work on the MS Watergeus, but also Dutch Barges in general, buying and selling issues, and even conversion advice.

Living Afloat is a website with lots of information, maintained by Frederic Logghe. It contains the (hi)story of the Luxe Motor Watergeus and the publications on how to buy and convert a Dutch barge…

Living afloat

Living Afloat gives you free advice on what you need to know about barges, how to buy them, how to convert them, etc..

Since I have worked on boats, many people helped me with information. Out of respect for them and because I was helped freely, I’ve decided to publish all information freely on this website! Another reason are the costs for buying and converting a boat. You better spend the money on your boat then on companies selling the information to you! If you have questions, feel free to ask them!

There are photo galleries of barges and their mooring, interior pictures, reports on journeys on a barge, a guide for recognizing Dutch barges, …

If you are looking to sell or buy your barge, there is a ‘for sale’ section.

Living Afloat tries to explain how to experience and enjoy the lifestyle of living on water!