>>> The Voyages of the Walküre

An interesting cruise log of a man making the Great Loop circle… on a Phil Bolger AS-29 that he built himself.

The blog has been running a good while, with lots of interesting posts.

Make sure and check out the archives… the early entries give some good background on the boat and the trip… including this  passage that will probably speak to many boat-builders and dreamers:

I built this boat myself. The project took just under 4 years of part-time work. One of the purposes of this blog is to demonstrate to other people who long for a boat of their own to consider building. By building I was able to spread the cost of the boat over the 4 years of the buidling project. I then end up with a brand new boat that’s fully paid for! If there’s something that you want, don’t just wish for it. Take steps to make it happen. If I, of all people, can build a boat, so can you. If you can build a boat, what can’t you do?