Dan Gill (Backyard Boatbuilder’s mailing list) has yet another good post that I wanted to pass on. Any good sources you have?

I’m a firm believer in the "workboat" finish world… it doesn’t have to be super gloss and all pretty to make for a good cruising boat.

In the most recent issue of PassageMaker Magazine, Bill Parlatore makes mention of attending the Workboat Show in New Orleans, and that many great commercial products would serve us well with our heavy duty cruising boats (both sail and power). I realized this early on and subscribe to Workboat Magazine and look seriously at commercial products. My propeller is a small towboat model by Michigan Wheel, the WorkHorse Series. Anchor rollers, exhaust system, keel cooler, and so on are commercial products. My handrails are towboat style. My extensive use of HDG rather than costly bronze or stainless is workboat influence.

There are also other crossover areas in over-the-road trucks and off-road construction machinery. Usually prices are less or durability greater than pleasureboat marine products. (May not be as pretty!) The point is, I guess, that we all should keep an open mind to function and intended use and not blindly purchase everything we see at the boat shows. Our boats will be better and we may have some change left over for the cruising kitty.

So what have you all found that didn’t come out of the West Marine catalog?