>>> Furled Sails podcast interview with George Buehler

I mentioned the Furled Sails podcasts in the previous note, but wanted to draw specific attention to this edition. Its an in-depth interview with George Buehler, designer of the Diesel Ducks and other yachts.

Here’s their description:

George Buehler, self-taught yacht designer has a great philosophy on boats, he says “I like all kinds of boats; there are no absolutes I’ve come to realize, and more important, no boat is ‘practical’. So let’s not pretend; a boat is a toy, a fantasy, a thing to have fun with.” He helped build a replica of the 110′ schooner America and is the also the designer of the Diesel Duck. George is the author of Buehlers Backyard Boatbuilding and The Troller Yacht Book.