It seems that many of the "popular" designers have published books over the years, but many of them have gone out of print. With the advent of eBay and other online retailers of used books, there is now much easier access to finding out-of-print books that you want.

One of the tricks is finding what the titles are that you are searching for. A recent thread on the Bolger mailing list points out that the price of the used Bolger books has dropped in recent times… this discussion prompted the question of what are all the titles. Doug was kind enough to post the following list:

  • Small Boats
  • The Folding Schooner
  • Bolger Boats (which I understand is the contents of the first two bound together)
  • Different Boats
  • 30-Odd Boats (That’s 30-odd, as in 39 chapters, not odd boats)
  • Boats with an Open Mind
  • 100 Sailing Rigs (103 Sailing Rigs has the same 100 chapters to start, plus 3 variations of the Chinese Gaff rig with an article by SA on the reasoning behind it.)

There is also a novel, "Schorpioen". I do not have this one. Can anyone give us a quickie review?

Bruce Hallman chimed in with his review:

It is a kind of science fiction, or fantasy fiction about an imagined hypothetical (but seemingly possible) society with women having great power (achieved oddly) through capitalistic & libertarian market forces selling themselves as ‘chattle’. In otherwords, women can gain great wealth power if they have marketable value (like commercial skills, schooled knowledge, sexual skills, and other skills etc..). The main character family is European and shipwrecked in this place, and the daughter in this family is a highly talented sailboat captain. She relishes in this new, oddly liberating, form of power, but her father and mother struggle to reconcile this new ‘slave woman power’ value system versus traditional European values. You can buy the book directly from PB&F, and PCB wrote me a note saying to the effect ‘don’t take me too serious’ about that fiction/fantasy book.

Now might be a good time to search for the titles you are looking for…