For those of you that have been reading along via RSS, I have switched to the feeds being provided by FeedBurner. If this causes any problems, PLEASE let me know.

For those of you who don’t "do" RSS, you might want to consider it. RSS is a protocol that lets you get regular updates from web pages (many offer the feeds now) in a client program. These clients either come as software you load on your local machine or as web applications that you access via your web browser.

You "subscribe" to a feed in your reader, then it polls the web page(s) every so often (or when you ask it to). It downloads the feed, which may be the entire article (as on Craft A Craft) or just the headlines and a brief teaser.

The readers are set so that you can rapidly go through many articles from many web sites… this lets you scan through all your "regular" sources much more rapidly.

You will see the yellow "feed" icon at the right below the Search box… copy that link and put it in your feed reader. Give it a shot!

Here’s a list of popular RSS readers (aggregators) borrowed from the FeedBurner people if you are interested:

Popular Feed Readers

Online Services
Podcast Readers