>>> The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation

If you’re thinking of building a boat, but that’s maybe more than you want to bite off, consider rescuing an old boat in need of a home. Some of these could be great cruisers again, and you could be better off taking an existing boat and reworking it instead of starting fresh. Of course that depends a lot on condition and skills. Sometimes rebuilding can be worse than starting fresh 🙂

If nothing else, you may just find a "stray" boat that you fall in love with and have to save…

What is The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation?

The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation is dedicated to placement, saving, locating, researching, wishing, learning and dreaming of  wooden boats.  All boats are free.

Wooden Boats beyond a certain point of condition and/or age are becoming rare.  After years without proper care, they are sawn up, burned, or buried.  It is our hope that this site can centralize connections between current owners placing boats with people searching for boats.

The Wooden Boat Rescue Foundation’s website is not meant to impress or wow, but only to be pragmatic.