Dan Gill is building a Buehler Diesel Duck 44. He also runs a business and keeps the Backyard Boatbuilding mailing list running. How he finds time for all this is beyond me, but I’ll not look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂

Recently there was a thread concerning books and reading about boatbuilding. I asked Dan about his favorite/most useful books… this was his response (reposted with permission). I have added the Amazon links so you can find the book if you wish (yes, I get a small percentage if you buy with these links… if you would rather, go to Amazon directly, by all means). These may or may not be available for better prices elsewhere. I know you can get Chapman’s Piloting at used bookstores quite often.

Hi Boat Building Enthusiasts, Bruce asked about favorite books.  I really don’t have a favorite.  I do have certain authors/books I like for each category or subject:

General Boatbuilding – Bueler’s BB.  

And Bud McIntosh, expecially because of Sam Manning’s excellent drawings

Boat Systems – Nigel Calder esp Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual and his Diesel Book 1972-04-06 13:19:48

Epoxy related – THE authority is Gougeon Bros on Boat Construction (I use System Three Epoxy, though)

Brightwork – Rebecca J. Wittman’s book of the same name

Rigging – Brion Toss Rigger’s Apprentice

Sewing and stuff – Grant’s The Complete Canvasworker’s Guide

Carving – Hanna’s Shipcarver’s Handbook

Engineering – Dave Gerr.  Propeller Handbook, Nature of Boats

Interior Woodwork – any of Bruce Bingham’s work

(an example)

General Reference – The Dashew Collection starting with Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia.  Chapman’s Piloting.  Machinery’s Handbook.  Benford’s Small Ships.  William Garden Yacht Designs

Dang!  I thought I was going to narrow it down to a few books.  I tried.

Dan dd44