Greg and Kerry Carlson, who sell Plotter/Cutters, and who also produced the Hull Designer program many homebuilders got their start with for automated hull design, now own the Alligator, a 55′ Lugger built a while back… pretty boat.

Shallow draft, good performance, lots of room… Its based on a fishing/shrimping design used around the U.S. Gulf Coast but which has fallen out of favor (like many of the old designs) and you don’t find them any more.

The builder/designer published an interesting writeup (PDF) on the boat’s design and construction.

Reminds me of the various River Cruisers and the hull is highly reminiscent of Atkin‘s tunnel stern craft such as the River Belle.

There’s a set of 4 pictures to a similar craft here.

And lastly the sad tale of a beautiful example of a classic Biloxi Lugger the Starry Night (built in 1928) which sank in the Katrina Hurricane and wound up being lost instead of recovered. The picture shows how pretty this boat was.