There has been an interesting thread running over on the Bartender Boats mailing list concerning finding just the right ships wheel (steering wheel) for your new boat… you’ve built your boat, you need to steer it somehow 🙂

Many people are opting for "Destroyer" style wheels. One recommended source was Fisheries Supply. This looks like the kind of thing that would be best to be bought, unless you have the metal working skills and equipment.

On the other hand, some people want the more "shippy" looking wooden wheel. These can be purchased (also from Fisheries Supplyamong others), but run $350-1,350 just as an example.

So, it gets tossed out that if you can build a boat, surely you can build a wooden wheel… well, there are even plans and instructions available for free… get cracking!

One piece of trivia… the "index grip" or "king spoke" is the "peg" that extends outside the wheel and points straight up when the rudder is centered.