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This man is building a Bruce Roberts Voyager 388 using the Roberts supplied CNC "kit" for the steel hull/frames/etc. His difficulties in sourcing the steel to be locally cut (this led to his use of the Roberts kit) sounded familiar to me… its bizarre to me just how hard it can seem to be to get simple supplies in a large city… the suppliers aren’t interested in selling to an individual… its wholesale only. Make friends with a contractor or something 🙂

A very detailed web site with lots of pictures and information, he’s still adding information as he can.

Obviously a "doer" and a "self starter", he built a house first (by himself, pretty much)… starting with studying the building codes at the library, drawing the blueprints and digging in (at times literally). Check out that story here.

Of interest to me was his comment concerning designing his own boat (which he considered)… "Life is short for doing everything yourself."

Good point!