>>> Building a Glen-L Cabin Skiff

Ray Macke built a very nice implementation of Glen-L’s Cabin Skiff. He made a few modifications and came up with a home-built craft very similar to a C-Dory, but built with his own hands.

He not only is an excellent boat-builder, but he is great at chronicling his work. His web pages cover every detail from initial plans purchase, through building and modifications, bouts with Epoxy allergies (take heed… this can be SERIOUS!), fixing problems, additions and corrections and even good recaps of lessons learned. Read it and keep following along the "next" links.

For more interesting reading he has placed a travel log/cruise log of a multi-day trip Cruising the Tennessee River. Again, Mr. Macke provides numerous details and since this is near my home, really makes me want to get out there doing it 🙂