Several years ago, Bruce Hector of Duckworks and Bolger mailing list fame took an idea originally from John Bell and ran with it. He created The Infinite Modular Sharpie (TIMS).

TIMS is a set of 4×8′ modules (a TIM-bit), with a compatible bow and stern unit. Each module is fastened (clamps in the "test runs") together and the stern power module provides a motive force.

He intended this as a precursor to a larger 8′ beam craft that you would lash together kind of like the Mississippi river barge trains.

At one of the Messabouts he and many others built modules and "proved" the design with a 96′ "craft"… This idea of a modular boat is also something I just haven’t been able to get rid of.

Many boats really are fairly "square" in their core cross sections… look at the Dutch Barge and canal narrowboats (and wider versions). The bow and stern may be curved and pointy, but the midsection is pretty square… why not?

Sure, there are pro’s and con’s, but…

Anyway, beyond Bruce’s first descriptive page, there are actually quite a few other references and articles:

TIMS Photos

Bruce also provided a much more detailed build and performance article for Duckworks Magazine found here.

Bruce later built the "Wing-Nut – the modular canoe" which also served as bookcases at home when not in use.

There have even been (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) proposals for sail versions (scroll down).

Several files and drawings were posted to the Yahoo WoodenPowerboats group. For whatever reason the traffic on this group seems to have died out, but the files and resources are still there if you want to sign up and look at them.

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