>>> Sea Otter Boats

Don’t know how I’ve missed this one before… of course there’s a whole world of boatbuilders in the U.K./EU that I have little if any exposure to. Too bad that I like their style boat more than what’s available around here 🙂

Sea Otter has a slightly different take on the river/canal/coastal cruising market for the U.K… they build in Aluminum. Narrowboats, narrow beam cruisers (a design I haven’t encountered before… reminds me of the Bon Viveur 825), Dutch barges, houseboats and workboats are all in their repertoire.


Their web site offers multiple languages and is feature rich and well populated. They even list detailed price lists, etc. This is something I wish more sites would do. I know the old saw about “if you have to ask…”, but really, some idea of the price range would often give you an idea of the feasibility of different ideas.

Thanks to Piper Boat’s for the pointer (Piper does steel and one of their pages referred people to Sea Otter for aluminum – that’s classy).