>>> Island Pilot DSe Hybrid

In my ongoing theme of solar and electric boats

This doesn’t really doesn’t fit in the home-built arena, but some of the ideas are interesting… I find it especially heartening that solar power is really catching on, apparently.

Also, since I drive a hybrid (Toyota Prius), I know how effective this mixture of technology can be, at least in a car.

Billed as:

America’s First Hybrid Using Diesel – Solar – Electric Drive

The mission of the DSe Hybrid is to be a comfortable cruising yacht for two couples that can travel indefinitely on virtually no diesel fuel. Speed her up a bit, and she uses less fuel than any other yacht in her class.

They have brochures, etc. on their web page, and apparently are showing a scale model and plans at some of the boat shows, including the upcoming TrawlerFest in Stuart, FL. Designed and being built by a the well known Island Pilot LLC, their show display will be onboard the Island Pilot 395. One of the posters to the Electric Boating mailing list mentioned that he had seen their display – thanks for the pointer!