A recommendation from an online list… apparently a good read for the boatbuilding community. Amazon’s description:

Book Description
In Confessions of a Boatbuilder, James D. Rosborough writes about the building of small wooden vessels in earlier times. From his modest beginnings in the 1940s constructing eight-foot punt rowboats, Rosborough’s nautical design efforts grew to include three boatyards, the construction of over 150 vessels-most of them schooners-and a host of distinguished clients. Rosborough pioneered numerous designs ranging in length from 30 to 65 feet. He reveals the unexpected trials and triumphs involved in the design, construction, and operation of these beautiful vessels, as well as the character of a self-determined boatbuilder who grasped one of the last windows of opportunity before the wooden boatbuilding industry bottomed out.

Confessions of a Boatbuilder recaptures the maritime lore and romance of the last days of the wooden boat and the craftsmen who built them; a time of adventure and adversity that shaped the destiny of both builders and sailors, and allowed progression to the seagoing vessels of today.

Includes seven lines plans of major designs by Rosborough.

About the Author
James Douglas Rosborough is one of the best-known builders of classic boats. Some of his designs of wooden sailing boats have become world famous. He lives in Nova Scotia.