Martini Boats

>>> Martini Boats

According to their web site, Martini Boats is an outshoot/rename of the Ranger Boat Company. Their craft seems to be “retro-styled diesel and electric motorboats”. They have a Ranger-21 (C-Ranger R21? Sure looks like it) in diesel or diesel electric-hybrid, and a cute little “launch” set up as electric only, using the Vetus motor setup.



RE-E-Power has been making some neat electric "pods" for sailboats and power boats. They are a small outfit, but seem to have some nice designs and are willing to work with you.

Pods come in a variety of sizes and configurations. "Sailboat" pods have the prop on the front (protected by the keel/skeg), while powerboat pods have the prop on the back so that the unit provides its own skeg protection.

Check the videos (captions provided by the company):

RE-E-POWER’s dual E-POD System 3000-PB dry test demo:

First run of the E-POD 3000 motor after installation on a 30 foot sailboat.

Testing the E-POD System 3000 at the dock. Drawing about 15 amps at 48 volts. This is just above neutral power and is obviously not a toy! We couldn’t run it higher at the dock because it was banging other boats around.

Tools upgrade

Yeah! Santa (actually my parents) upgraded my woodworking abilities considerably.  I now have a table saw! This is a big upgrade from having to do everything with a skil (circular) saw. A bit late on some of the cutting for the dingy, but I’ll still get plenty of use out of it, and be ready for the next project to boot 🙂 My son and I got it put together tonight… seems to cut very nicely.

Tamarack Electric Boat Company

>>> Tamarack Electric Boat Company

Monte Gisborne is producing a pontoon style solar powered (with plug-in charging supplemental) boat.

He took his family down (up?) the Rideau Canal recently.

Also check out a couple of videos that he has put up…

He has some interesting ideas in his designs, outside of the solar/electric. No wood (wood rots, as he says)… using a plastic extruded decking material (looks like a good idea for a pontoon boat). Mr. Gisborne is also active in the ElectricBoats mailing list.

Merry Christmas and I can move again!!!

Well, this is a bit more personal than boat related, but just since people probably think I’ve fallen off the planet on the Origami Dingy… I’ve been fighting an on-going health issue for the last month. Actually it seems its been nearly 6 months, but we didn’t know what was going on until this last month. Now that treatment is mostly over and I’m back in one piece I hope to get going on things. Being sick, having four procedures under anaesthetic within three weeks, and trying to keep up a little with the day job has been more than I could do. Now that things are calming down I hope to get back to doing "real" things 🙂 Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Holidays! This is one boatbuilder that is thankful for modern medicine and the things we have now!

Mobile Welding

A recent discussion on the Origami mailing list concerned the use of MIG vs. stick welding. The general consensus seemed to be that stick was preferred for their boatbuilding application due to ease of getting a good weld, and the ease of finding materials/equipment in out-of-the way places. Brent Swain has also made instructions available in the past for building a stick welder yourself out of just a few components.

For on-the-go repairs, a couple of solutions were tossed out, with different people liking the equipment. Might be worth a check if you have a metal boat (or similar) and need a portable welding outfit:

Ready Welder II