Yeah, progress! Dane and I had the chance to get a bunch of the rest of the wood cutting done… that steps along much faster with the new saw 🙂 (can you tell I like my saw :-)). Why fossil you ask? Well, it looks like the "bones" of a boat, and my able assistant is dinosaur crazy, so its a popular topic. The pictures have most all the pieces laid out in approximate position… its just lacking the skin (see, its a fossil!).

This is a bigger boat than I envisioned, but I think the folding design will hold it in good stead. Yes, to the purists, this is mostly "throw away" materials… its a trial run if nothing else. I’ve learned just from doing this, and its cheap and readily available.

The "near side" is laying down, since I only have one assistant to hold things up. The pieces sitting at about 45 degrees at the stern (propped up with the transom) are actually boards that will reinforce the "skegs" at the rear corners and will be at the outside position. About time to order some fabric, so that its here when I’m ready to put it on. There’s a handful of small "pieces" to cut, but I think most of them are going to need to wait until I have things "together" a little more… there’s a couple I just don’t really envision and need to see how they are going to fit. Total time about 4 hours today.