>>> Boarding ladder

An interesting home built boarding ladder by Rob Rohde-Szudy… looks like a very practical design for an important part of a homebuilt boat (and much cheaper than some of the commercial offerings)… please make sure you can get back on board if you need to.

He recently mentioned (copied below) another interpretation with some solutions:

A fellow named Renzo in Italy took the time to email me with an improvement on the boarding ladder I put forth in an earlier article.


Renzo figured out the hinge arrangement that confounded me – the upper step attaches to the lower with hinges, and the lower step attaches to the hull with SEPARATE hinges! I still don’t know if this is how Kilburn Adams did the (brilliant) original form, but it looks like Renzo’s will be an improvement over my version. In particular, he won’t have to bother lashing it down to keep the bottom from dragging below the hull. Furthermore, it seems to me that it will be an advantage to have the upper step a bit lower, as Renzo’s version does. That step out of the water isn’t quite as big. It is still too cold for him to test this creation, and I would guess we’ll hear from him in May or June. If not, I will certainly try Renzo’s version myself this summer on the new/old AF4 Breve.

Thanks Renzo! –Rob Rohde-Szudy