After the arrival of the new saw, I did a little surfing to read a few articles and get some ideas in brushing up on table saw use. I haven’t used that caliber equipment in years. Set the saw up (checking square, checking the fence, etc.) today. Did a few cuts while building a mount on the stand to put wheels on it for easily moving it around the shop. Cuts great, and its SO nice to plop a board down and cut it off, without the "swap a cord around, move sawhorses, etc., etc." routine of a skil saw. Did find that its a little "light" in actual weight. This is nice to move it around, but when it tries to slide on the floor while you’re cutting, this can be an issue. May have to put a weight in the bottom. I am planning to close in the bottom of the stand as a "sawdust catcher"… boy it can spit out some sawdust 🙂 For your reading pleasure, here’s a few links I ran across that I found interesting in the table saw and woodworking world:

  • Woodworker’s Workshop
    • this page is related to free project plans for table saw accessories. Other pages have many other resources.
  • Waterfront Woods – a Rick Christopherson’s web site with some interesting articles and designs, including push sticks, table saw taper jigs, tables, etc.
  • The Woodshop – check out the Projects & Plans and Tool Reviews links.

There are thousands… no probably ten’s of thousands of woodworking links on the web. These I found of interest, but there are many, many more. Its a much larger field than boatbuilding (people build things besides boats???)… if you are interested, search away, I’m going to try to stick to the boat world, at least close 🙂