Here’s a topic that has suddenly become more near and dear to my heart… or at least my kidney.

I’m fighting a kidney stone… first time I’ve had one, and it is NOT pleasant. Still have some procedures to undergo to try to rid myself of it.

What would happen if I was out cruising? For this, I would probably have enough warning to get near shore and at least call for help. For coastal cruisers, you are often near assistance. The flip side is that it can take a while to get to that assistance, even though you are near shore. Check this commentin a thread we’ve referred to… makes you think (it discusses the time involved in getting someone to a dock and hospital even when in a canal and close to shore).

Anyway, what medicines and medical emergencies do you think you need to be equipped to cover? I’ll try to expand on this over time and make it another resource.

  • Basic first aid type
  • Advanced lifesaving (if you are trained in its use)
  • Defibrillator
  • etc.

You have basic accidents and injuries (falls, cuts, broken bones, etc.). You have illnesses, major and minor. Then you have sudden onset emergencies such as heart attacks and asthma attacks that can call for life saving measures in minutes, not hours.

All things to think about.

Send me your comments and share experiences.