Yes, its a funny video clip that’s been making its way around the net, but it also points out another aspect of boating and boating safety that we really all need to consider. A lot of people are hurt and/or killed falling off boats at dockside. People fall in and drown, people are crushed, etc. Make SURE you are being careful, that you know what you are doing, and that you keep children and pets under tight control.

We also all tend to try to "fend off" a boat with our arms or other body parts… this may work with a john boat, but a larger craft is just too heavy. That doesn’t keep our instincts from saying that we can do it. For whatever reason we are much less likely to shove on a car and expect it to move than a boat. These craft weigh thousands of pounds, and the inertia involved will overcome a human’s strength quite rapidly. A couple preparing to take part in the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally in suffered a tragic accident where the wife lost her life attempting to fend off a boat (as I understand it).

It’s all too easy… I have a friend who really banged herself up and could easily have drowned when she fell between the dock and their boat… her husband was away, no one was around, and she caught herself on the edge of the dock. If she had gone in, trying to get back out of the cold water might not have happened. 

As you enjoy the video, think also about the steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t happen to you and yours.