Had a couple of hours and knocked out some more…

Got both side panels cut out, and one of the floorboards mostly done.

Side panels Side panels

Here’s the boat being "modeled" by my son…

Going to be a decent sized dingy.

And then there are the pieces laid out on their own (with a stuffed animal riding along :-))

Pieces Pieces

Getting further into the plans, I guess I have a few comments/thoughts. To begin with, I’m not in Europe, so metric isn’t second nature to me. I learned it in school, but don’t "think" it. Anyway, I find it odd that so many measurements are to 82mm or 78mm… I mean I would have expected the general craft to be rounded off to 1/2 centimeters… would be easier to deal with.

Is it normal for measurements to be taken to the millimeter in the metric part of the world? I just find it odd/surprising that things weren’t rounded to the nearest 1/2 centimeter or something. Here in the U.S. we normally would round things off to an 1/8" if reasonable, instead of going to a smaller measurement.

Secondly, it seems the instructions expect you to cut the larger pieces loose of a sheet of plywood (or to have bought them that size)… here in the U.S. plywood comes in 4×8′ sheets. I find it much easier to measure all this stuff out while its still "attached" to the sheet, since then the sheet can be laying on my sawhorses and form most of the "table" structure. This may just be a workstyle issue, but causes me to measure some things "differently" than specified in the instructions. So far, its working 🙂