Well, its not much, but a step forward, however small.

Made it by the local orange box and got a couple of sheets of 3/8" BC plywood. Yes, the purists will say its awful, its not good enough, it will degrade, it will desolve… something.

Yes, they’re right, I’m sure. But it will last a while, especially with a couple of good coats of paint, its cheap, its available, and it makes a good trial run.

This dingy probably won’t be in the water that much, and will be stored in, out of the weather, so I figure I can get a few years.


It was a little funny that we were trying to beat the rain on getting wood that’s going to be part of a boat. Actually, the reason for dodging the rain was standing outside loading it, not for the wood’s sake 🙂

Its not a truck… now that I have the Prius, I don’t have my pickup… this is a new world for me. I’ve had a truck for 10-12 years. Well, it worked.