As a note to you… if you have volunteered for adding sites to the Google custom search engine, I have approved everybody, but Google hasn’t quite got a notification scheme worked out yet, so you probably don’t know it, or know how to deal with it.

Once you get approved (just wait a bit and I’ll try to stay on top of them), then you can go to the Google Coop home page and log in as your Google account.

After you are logged in, click this link (or click "Custom Search Engine" and "My Search Engines"). You should now see the list of what you have been approved for, including "Boat Building and Cruising".

You can click "Control Panel" and go to the page where you can add links.

For ease, you can click on "Google Marker" in the left menu which tells you how to create a bookmark/favorite that will let you add a page in the future without going through all this.

To those of you that this doesn’t apply to, sorry… please ignore 🙂