Philip C. Bolger has been a designer for much of his long life, and a prolific one at that… he has literally hundreds of plans available. Eschewing the modern, on-line world, he works and interacts by mail and mostly fax . He doesn’t have a catalog online (or even in paper, I believe). The preferred method seems to be sending him a fax describing what you want and he’ll send you a listing and short description of various designs that he feels will meet your needs.

He also takes custom design work, but currently seems to have a large backlog.

Anyway, on to the book… Mr. Bolger has published several books of plans, of which this is one. It is a collection of 75 plans ranging from small rowing craft to fairly large voyagers, from sail to power. One near constant is that his designs are a bit unconventional. Mr. Bolger is known for his "slab sided" and flat-bottomed (with a "shoe") keel craft, but there are some much more traditional designs included. Each design has a commentary describing the plan, and often some background about how it came to be.

Many of these plans are re-published articles from various periodicals that Mr. Bolger contributed to over the years, including <span style="font-style: italic">Small Boat Journal and <span style="font-style: italic">WoodenBoat Magazine.

There are basic tables of offsets and line plans given for most (all?) of the plans, but you best have good ideas and a good bit of experience to build straight from what’s in the book.

Regardless, I enjoyed reading his writing, seeing a wide variety of craft, and learning more of what I liked and didn’t.

Also check out the Bolger group(s) on Yahoo! for more of his design work.

Plans: Mr. Philip C. Bolger, P.O. Box 1209, Gloucester, MA, 01930, Fax: (978) 282-1349