Like most vehicles and homes (and a boat is a mixture of both), you have some choices to make right off the bat. Are you buying new? Production or custom? Are you looking for used (much more affordable), are you building from scratch, are you having the hull built professionally and you’re finishing it off, are you converting an older craft to a radically (or not so radically) different setup?

There are several articles that I have found that address the "Why Build a Boat" theme… that is a special case, I think. Otherwise, buying new, like buying a car gets you a nice new boat with a warrantee, along with the teething pains of a new craft, and the depreciation 🙂

There is an entire world of people with boat building skills (maybe more than just building, since they have to adapt to someone elses beginnings) that take existing craft of all kinds and make some incredible yachts. Tug conversions are especially attractive to me. A recent magazine I flipped through on a newstand discussed such a conversion, along with the costs involved. It still came out much cheaper, even with a re-engine and major work, than a new yacht.

The picture here is a really slick looking conversion I found referred to online. There is an entire gallery of pictures and I congratulate the craftsman that pulled this off. Slick looking craft that reminds me of Michael Kasten’s Boojum.

Pious Puffin