We always seem to get in a mindset that a simple river or coastal cruise isn’t as dangerous or daring as an ocean voyage. I’m sure in many ways that is the case… you’re much closer to the support structure (Coast Guard, tow boats, 911, etc.) that you can call on for assistance. At sea, you have yourself. Inshore, usually (not always) weather isn’t going to be as BIG of an event, although it certainly can be downright dangerous.

But, at sea, I think you probably have less problems with traffic… just like on the road in the urban areas where congestion leads to poor driving and more accidents, the crowded waters near shore seem to be a prime example.

A couple of ocean-going ships collided in the Mississippi near New Orleans today… both 700+ foot ships, with (I’m assuming), professional crews and all the gear… and one hit the other that was anchored (reports say). I know that a ship that size has limited maneuverability, etc. but I thought it just really pointed out how much danger traffic can be… they left serious holes in each other. If you or I collide with something that size, you probably won’t find the pieces.

See the CNN story for the details: