Sailing… for some reason, not quite "my thing", although being on the water in most any capacity seems to be fun.

And the cost of fuel these days makes sailing more attractive 🙂

Maybe a good "fallback" propulsion method? Or just a way to eek out a little more range and efficiency?

But just keeping an eye on things out there, being the "non-traditionalist" that I seem to be in boat stuff, there are a couple of technologies that look interesting.

First is the "Kite" style… don’t know a ton about it, but a couple of links for you:

And some writings by somebody with some experience:


Then, something that I’ve seen articles about over the years, and seems to make a lot of sense, and that I could actually see using (no changing sails, no rigging to adjust, etc.) – something that you can "just use" like an engine 🙂


Its the "vertical cylinder" type of turbine or whatever… I think Popular Science had a blurb a few years back, although I can’t find a link right now…