If you get into boats, and have an interest and/or aptitude with computers, you will find that there are several programs available to for boat design and general graphics work.

There are many "high end" programs for the serious naval architect, etc. I might explore those in detail at some point, but wanted to point out a couple of free software packages that are extremely capable.

The first is Free!Ship – This software is extremely powerful, and its very impressive that the author has made software this power available for free use. Free!Ship is geared around hull design.

The other software package that I wanted to mention is SketchUp – SketchUp has recently been made available in a free use version from Google. The software has been a $500 package for several years, and is still available for commercial use for a fee. SketchUp is incredible software for 3D modeling. Most 3D software is very complex, but SketchUp is something I can use 🙂 Interiors (and your build shed, etc.) are all great uses for SketchUp. You probably don’t want to design a hull in SketchUp, but it can import many file types, including AWG from Free!Ship, thus I have had some success pulling in my hull design from Free!Ship and going from there.