A Paper Boat

>>> A Paper Boat

Hmmmm… interesting.

A boat build from Taylor-Paper-Glass (TPG)… originally developed to build model airplanes from, it seems to be a layup of kraft paper, resin, cardboard and fiberglass. Man has information about building a "canoe" (Pirogue)

IBEX – International Boatbuilder’s Exhibition

  • Event Start:
  • 2006-10-30 08:00

  • Event End:
  • 2006-11-03 17:00

If you are in the area, you might want to check out IBEX (International Boatbuilder’s Exhibition). Its at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Dates are 10/30-11/3.

According to Dan Gill (Diesel Duck 44 builder and stalwart admin of the BackyardBoatbuilder’s list ):

Great seminars and product exhibition. What’s good about this, as opposed to a boat show, is that the people staffing the booths include engineers and technical types, rather than your usual sales people. This is NOT a boat show – there are no boats. Come join about 20,000 of us from around the world to learn about boat building and solve our problems

Sounds like fun!

Some new pieces

Had a couple of hours and knocked out some more…

Got both side panels cut out, and one of the floorboards mostly done.

Side panels Side panels

Here’s the boat being "modeled" by my son…

Going to be a decent sized dingy.

And then there are the pieces laid out on their own (with a stuffed animal riding along :-))

Pieces Pieces

Getting further into the plans, I guess I have a few comments/thoughts. To begin with, I’m not in Europe, so metric isn’t second nature to me. I learned it in school, but don’t "think" it. Anyway, I find it odd that so many measurements are to 82mm or 78mm… I mean I would have expected the general craft to be rounded off to 1/2 centimeters… would be easier to deal with.

Is it normal for measurements to be taken to the millimeter in the metric part of the world? I just find it odd/surprising that things weren’t rounded to the nearest 1/2 centimeter or something. Here in the U.S. we normally would round things off to an 1/8" if reasonable, instead of going to a smaller measurement.

Secondly, it seems the instructions expect you to cut the larger pieces loose of a sheet of plywood (or to have bought them that size)… here in the U.S. plywood comes in 4×8′ sheets. I find it much easier to measure all this stuff out while its still "attached" to the sheet, since then the sheet can be laying on my sawhorses and form most of the "table" structure. This may just be a workstyle issue, but causes me to measure some things "differently" than specified in the instructions. So far, its working 🙂

Moving your boat???

Here’s another one of those "steel" advantages, in my book.

Over on the Origami list there has been some discussion about Alex Christie welding temporary skis to his boat and moving it across a field. Saved him time and money. Might not be practical (or legal) to go on the road, but for a short move, worked for him.

Check out the video:

Sources for epoxy

Epoxy is a key component in many building styles… I’m not sure that I want to deal with it for something as major as encapsulation, but its still a great glue and handy for odds and ends regardless of your construction method.

Low cost/alternative suppliers:

  • Recommended on the Bolger List

  • EBay – Orion’s Pyramid
  • U.S. Composites

Traditional suppliers:

  • System 3
  • West

Other places to check for information:

Progress… a little bit???

Well, its not much, but a step forward, however small.

Made it by the local orange box and got a couple of sheets of 3/8" BC plywood. Yes, the purists will say its awful, its not good enough, it will degrade, it will desolve… something.

Yes, they’re right, I’m sure. But it will last a while, especially with a couple of good coats of paint, its cheap, its available, and it makes a good trial run.

This dingy probably won’t be in the water that much, and will be stored in, out of the weather, so I figure I can get a few years.


It was a little funny that we were trying to beat the rain on getting wood that’s going to be part of a boat. Actually, the reason for dodging the rain was standing outside loading it, not for the wood’s sake 🙂

Its not a truck… now that I have the Prius, I don’t have my pickup… this is a new world for me. I’ve had a truck for 10-12 years. Well, it worked.

Custom Search Engine Volunteers

As a note to you… if you have volunteered for adding sites to the Google custom search engine, I have approved everybody, but Google hasn’t quite got a notification scheme worked out yet, so you probably don’t know it, or know how to deal with it.

Once you get approved (just wait a bit and I’ll try to stay on top of them), then you can go to the Google Coop home page and log in as your Google account.

After you are logged in, click this link (or click "Custom Search Engine" and "My Search Engines"). You should now see the list of what you have been approved for, including "Boat Building and Cruising".

You can click "Control Panel" and go to the page where you can add links.

For ease, you can click on "Google Marker" in the left menu which tells you how to create a bookmark/favorite that will let you add a page in the future without going through all this.

To those of you that this doesn’t apply to, sorry… please ignore 🙂