American Small Sailing Craft

Author: Howard I. Chapelle

Around and around we go

Where we stop, nobody knobws…

Decisions, decisions. I’m in an agony of decisions.

As discussed in one of the previous postings concerning The Perfect Boat, there just isn’t a "right" answer to all of this.

Given "plenty" of money, the answer might be easier (so I tell myself), but in reality, I would probably just create a different set of choices.

Currently, this is where things stand:

  • Mark V Designs V39
  • Dutch barge
  • Self designed
  • Mundoo III
  • Origami (Rover36)

In a brief email with Mark Van A., we’ve discussed the similarities in efficiency of his design and the Mundoo III. Given the cost difference in plans, and the fact that its a bigger boat, the V39 is winning here.

Alternatively, a modular, self-designed boat looks like it would be about the same. But there’s the rub. Whatever I do, this is going to cost a good bit of money and time. I would really like it to function adequately at the end of the process. Mark’s design is proven.

Downside to Mark’s design is the flat bottom. It seems to be known to pound a bit, as all flat bottoms do. This is enough of an issue that Mark is making his next design be slightly V bottomed (his upcoming V28 trailerable design). That would be worth closely looking at except for two things… its a little short, and the plans aren’t done yet 🙂

The Dutch Barge world has the shape, style and size that I wish I had, but is going to require steel construction and a bigger budget, although the interior is going to be much easier than a lot of boats.

Marine SSB Operation: A Small Boat Guide to Single Sideband Radio

Author: J. Michael Gale