I have a new car!

First new vehicle I have had as my primary car in 12 years. My wife has wound up with the new cars up ’til now.

Why am I writing this on a boating site?

Well, I got a Toyota Prius – the hybrid.

As I drive it, I keep thinking about using this type of technology on a boat. Now, regenerative braking may not work well (although dragging a prop to make electricity is commonly done on sail boats), but the idea of a gas engine, small and sized appropriately for the "average" use, which can charge the batteries and/or drive the boat, while running at its most efficient power setting makes sense. The electric motor can kick in at slow speeds, and when you need the extra "boost" for something.

Low speed maneuvering off the electric seems totally valid.

Recharge from solar is also a valid idea.

Wonder if you could find a wrecked Prius or similar and steal the drivetrain.