Well, I can see how building a big boat takes so long.

I haven’t managed to update this site in a month or more, no matter actually do work on the boat.

Dane was asking me the other day if I had been working on "Boat Designs" any… and why not.

Well, interviewing, getting, and starting a new job. Researching and buying a new car (to get to the job). Trying to be "productive" at the new job, and fulfill some of the promises that I really know what I’m doing… and being somewhat sick on top of it all.

That’s just taken about all I’ve had. I know, should have done boat stuff, but by the time I got home, I just wanted to veg a little and go to bed.

We’re going to the lake with friends this weekend. I had intended to take the Origami Dingy on this trip. If only I had ever done more than the keel. Well, we can continue (and actually maybe have the money to do it now).

We’ll try it in the friend’s pool, if nothing else :-)