Got another couple of pieces cut out… not big deal… crammed it in between getting home and supper.

A few of points, though:

  1. The plans are great… quite detailed.
  2. Look at your tools… my speed square had metric and English markings, but I was so used to ignoring the metric side I wasn’t using it when I could have been.
  3. A new circular saw, even the cheapest thing Lowes had, is a BIG improvement over what I had, even though I thought it had been a good saw. I think it may have been dying for a while.
  4. Metric is both harder and easier to deal with for this type of stuff. I never thought about the handiness of millimeter accuracy in telling somebody how to cut something out.

And the biggest problem so far?

All the lumber is expected to be in metric sizes… I can only assume that standard lumber diminsions in the metric world are different than those here in the U.S. Having to cut boards down (rip width), etc. just to get a standard board to match is a bit of a pain.

If I build one of these again, I may try to re-work it to use standard U.S. diminsional lumber… might be a bit heavier in places, but I bet it would work.

Time: about 1 hour