OK, lets jump in here and find a nice style that works…

First off the bat is electric power and electric designs. Its first because I have a bunch of web pages open right now that I want to get noted down… no more particular reason than that.

Electric power has seemed to be bubbling up more and more in my research. This is obviously geared around the "go-slow" crowd, and often the sail crowd. I can see particular applications as auxillaries for the sail world, but I think it can apply to the non-sail cruiser also. With a return to longer, narrower boats that are beginning to show more desirability (fuel economy, etc.) the viability of electric power seems more and more reasonable.


Power generation can be handled in several methods, including on-board generator (diesel electric or gas), solar, strict battery storage that is recharged from shore power, wind, water (turbine) and many combinations. I’ll have many more blurbs on the Electric world, but to get us started off, I want to point out the Mundoo 3 (and other varients) by Duck Flat Wooden Boats . You may have seen the favorible article in the recent Wooden Boat magazine . At that time, I didn’t think plans were available for the home builder, but this has since been rectified (see Michael Storer’s web page ).

Plans are a reasonable seeming price at \$1250 (now reduced).