At a basic level, there will be just a few types of postings on this site, at least initially. Articles which range from various of my personal musings, to detailed technical descriptions (if I can find people to write them up :-). There will be links to other web sites, and blog entries which are more of a "diary" type entry describing events over time. Links to these various sections can be found at the top.

Since I "do computers" for a living, playing with the website and different organization schemes, etc. is another interest of mine. This site is going to be laid out a little differently than some, following some of the new "tagging" or "taxonomy" methods beginning to be used more and more.

What this means to the end user is that articles, postings, blog entries, web links, etc. will have one or more "tags" applied. That allows you to find the entry from various locations, instead of trying to guess how I decided to file it. The software for searching these tags is still growing, but the "TagCloud" is a popular way of representing things.

There is a menu to the top right for some various main sections of interest. The Tag Cloud link will open the cloud for all the tags. Larger words are used in more places. Scan through that and click on a word to see all the items with that tag.

Sounds confusing, but can work pretty well.