Author: Bruce Roberts-Goodson

Build the Strongest Boat Possible

Metal boats can deal with hazards like ice and coral that would rip apart a fiberglass or wooden hull; many long-distance cruisers choose a metal boat for just that reason. But they are not mass-produced; the only way to get one is to build it yourself or have it custom-built. Bruce Roberts-Goodson has been designing and building metal boats for more than three decades, and in The Complete Guide to Metal Boats he tells you all you need to know to start building the boat of your dreams.

* How to build or refurbish hulls, decks, and superstructures * How to prevent corrosion * Building from plans or precut kits * Sample designs for sail- and powerboats

This updated and expanded new edition also gives you a bonus CD with many study plans and 1,500 kit-assembly photos―the equivalent of a shop manual for metal boat building.

"This book is for anyone contemplating building or owning a metal boat. For solid, common-sense advice based on broad experience, the guide lives up to its name."―Chesapeake Bay Magazine

From the Second Edition

For anyone even considering building, buying, or renovating a metal boat, this must-have resource provides a thorough overview of steel, aluminum, and copper-nickel boat construction. Written by one of the world’s most experienced small-craft designers, Metal Boats explains the advantages of metal; how to buy it; how to cut and weld it; how to build or refurbish hulls, decks, and superstructures with it; and how to finish it. The book also covers engineering for metal boats, corrosion prevention, interior design and construction, electrical systems, appendages, fittings, and a portfolio of designs for metal powerboats and sailboats.