Not much movement today. I worked on the web site a good bit, getting navigation and stuff straight.

When I got home, I showed Dane (my son) a little about converting metric to English measurements. That’s one ‘gotcha’ in the plans… they are from England and (nearly) all the measurements are in metric.

We converted lumber for a bit and made out a brief shopping list of what we will need. We’ll have to collect over a couple of pay periods, but its not really much. Hardest to come up with locally will be plywood that is decent grade with exterior glues… ACX I think they call it?

My general boat-building dreaming/planning and woodworking skills run more toward the workboat finish than the yacht finish, and at least this first Origami Dingy will definitely be on that end of the spectrum.

Due to a small person having a little problem, our after dinner shopping trip got cut short.

First on the list is a metric tape measure… with all the cutting directions, etc. given in the "measure 10mm over and mark, then measure 20mm up and mark" trying to convert will add so many errors, not to mention the work, that its not worth it. I had metrics in school, and am comfortable with them, I just don’t "think" in metric.

My conversions give me the following lumber shopping list (I’ll have to measure on some of the thicknesses… I don’t remember the actual thickness of some of the dimensional lumber here in the US:

  • 1 – 1/4"x8"x8′ board
  • 4 – 7/16"x8"x8′ board
  • 1 – 7/8"x6"x8′ board
  • 1 – 7/8"x6"x4′ board
  • 2 – 3/8"x4’x8′ plywood panels

Other miscellaneous screws, staples, hinges and hardware, along with the PVC coated cloth are probably the big items.

Started reading the plans in detail… they seem well done so far.

Time: 45 min.