Welcome to my little piece of the boat-building web.

This site is my own attempt to help my own and other’s boat-building dreams along the path a little farther.

In my boat-building research and reading, I have found a collection of online “communities” that I have leveraged heavily. They all have some different interests, overlaps, and conflicting opinions, but also have many similarities and shared goals. I hope to be able to post some various articles and links that show the similarities and synergies, maybe tying a few of these communities together. See the link for my current thoughts on which areas fit together the best.

I’ve just ordered the plans for Mark Van Abbema’s V28… I’ll be blogging that process as I go.


I started with the plans for an Origami Dingy and blogged the build process.

I have a few goals for this site… please let me know if these would be helpful to you, or if there are other things that you might want to see.

  • Post news and articles pointing to new “events” in the boatbuilding world. These may be actual events, or newly discovered plans, or other items of interest.
  • Organize a bunch of personal research I’ve done and have scattered around
  • Make some of this research available to others… maybe save somebody some time
  • Solicit some comments and further input into some of my (probably hairbrained) ideas
  • Provide some book reviews and/or commentary about resources that are available
  • Grow from there? Here‘s some future thoughts/directions.

If you are not familiar with blogs, you may want to read this page from the bottom up (newest items will be at the top). Check out the Web Site Layout page for more details.

For “truth in advertising” or “honest disclosure” or whatever… Yes, this site has some ads… If I make some money off that, great, but I’m sure not getting rich right now… if it ever pays for the hosting, that will be nice 🙂 I do have a couple of individuals who have paid for advertising, and I may make links to them, but I will always try to make it obvious if they are a paid advertiser. I will not slant any review based on ad revenue or anything like that. Of course you have no way of knowing if I’m telling the truth, but I will pledge to do my best to be honest in all this. Please drop me a note if you ever have a question about something you see on this page! My “Truth in Posting” post has more about this…

Now that Google requires a privacy statement, you can find my rather generic one here.

Bruce Dillahunty