A little background

I was bitten by the boat-bug some years ago. I couldn’t really tell you what started it. I didn’t grow up boating. I didn’t (and don’t) live near the water. As a young teen, I built some model boats and did some radio control boat stuff. I know that my wife and I, when we vacation, nearly always wind up somewhere near water, and when we do, we usually wind up on a boat. Usually its been a sunset cruise, a harbor cruise, a dinner cruise, something of the kind. Something we could do inexpensively and quickly.

Later, I got more and more interested in boat/boating. Started to research and read on the web. Didn’t know quite what I was looking for, but knew I was looking (no this is not a religious experience for me :-)). On another vacation, saw a couple of trawler yachts on the Dismal Creek Canal in Virginia. That was the boat. Now, what do you call that kind of boat?

More searching, more research. Arranged another trip around a TrawlerFest and got to walk the docks, etc. I’m going to do this.

Then life and a new baby comes along. Boy that changed the landscape 🙂

Now the little one isn’t so little and is anxious to help with this boat building project.

Do you note that its now a boat building project? Not a buying project. I’ve not only gotten bit by the boat bug, its the even worse boat-building bug. I’ll probably never recover, from what I hear.

Now starts the research, search for a plan, try to decide, get sidetracked, rinse repeat cycle. Somewhere in there I got several ideas (scattered throughout this site) for my own designs or modifications of designs. This adds even more sidetracks… study hull design software, configure computers (my day job) to run the software, learn it… draw hulls, draw some plans… rinse and repeat some more.

Let’s do something… bought a sheet of masonite and some small stock and built a couple of models. Not bad… even floats 🙂

Winter comes… school starts for the little guy. We’re not progressing much.

Time passes… more plans, more self-doubt… more desire and questions from the little guy.

Got to do something… for me and for my commitments. I believe strongly in doing things with my son, and I think this is a good "hands-on" activity. Let’s get started (again?).


The story continues…