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04 Jul 2015 12:19:36

Happy July 4th!


For those in the United States (and anywhere else that may support the US), Happy July 4th!

I hope everyone has a great day!

I've read several Great Loop cruise logs, but I think this is definitely one of the best. If you have any interest in the Loop, or just boating in general, read John and Laurie Gray's account of their cruise a few years ago.

I love the Ranger Tug line anyhow, and such a well written account just makes it come to life. John also manages to include lots of little tips and tricks he has learned over his boating career that all of us can learn from.

Thanks John and Laurie for sharing!

Glen-L has a ton of plans and great resources for the home builder. Their community of builders is a resourceful bunch and posts are worth reading.

"Aero_dan" is an active farmer who is building a Hankinson Goliath (in steel) in his barn. His blog is frequently updated with his latest endeavors.

I really liked the idea of using pipes for chines and having them double as a keel cooler.

The folks at SV Seeker are willing to jump in and do most anything, I think (check out there site). THey have built personal submarines and a 74' steel hulled motor sailer.

This video series shows how they took on casting and creating the blades for their prop, after obtaining a Hundested controllable pitch propeller hub.

Check it out (this is the first of a series of videos).

29 Jun 2015 15:41:52

Boat Ramp Follies


Well... I know with my trailer backing skills, I wouldn't try this ramp for a while :-)

This looks like a fun toy... and if you had one available while on your boat, could be really handy for those times that you need to check the running gear or status of hull growth, etc.

Would you cross the Pacific on a hand-made raft? Thor Heyerdahl and his crew did in the late 1940's to prove a theory that the South Pacific islands could have been populated from South America, not from Asia as was assumed at the time.

He recreated a potential voyage using materials and technology available in the time of pre-Colombian Peru.

Interesting story... and shows how you don't have to have all the fanciness we are accustomed to having :-)

If you don't subscribe to Today I Found Out I would recommend checking it out... lots of interesting stuff.

A neat canoe based on the design used by some American Indians of the Northwest. This Instructable outlines a very nice build of one of these crafts.

Here's a video of a demo run:

As the title of this blog post says... Be Careful What you wish for

A lady offers a friend to park his (assumed small) boat in her yard... she wound up with a bit more than she bargained for :-)

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