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Underwater Thruster - Kickstarter

Underwater Thruster - Kickstarter

If you’re familiar with the idea of ‘crowdfunding’ then you’ve heard of Kickstarter before. Its a site where people make proposals and seek funding for interesting ideas. If they succeed, the backers get what was agreed upon… sometimes (often?) they do, sometimes not, but the batting average is pretty good. I’ve gotten a couple of interesting things that I backed on Kickstarter in the last couple of years.

Anyhow, the T100 looks like a really interesting idea. A rugged, affordable underwater thruster. Designed for robotics and ocean exploration.

We designed the T100 for:

  • Makers and Hobbyists who are interested in marine robotics but can’t find capable, affordable hardware.
  • Students and Schools who can use the T100 for educational projects or to compete in competitions such as the AUVSI RoboSub and RoboBoat competitions.
  • Professional Users who want a high-quality thruster that is more capable than many of the high-end (expensive) alternatives.

Steam Box

Our friends at Glen-L published this article. Check out a good idea for a simple steam box to bend lumber for your build. Quick and effective.

Foldak - 12 Foot Folding Canoe

Wooden Widget has added the Foldak, a 12 foot folding canoe.

The Foldak is an easy to build 12 foot folding canoe. Like the Fliptail it consists of a central keel, drop down floors, four hoops and a reinforced PVC skin. It unfolds in less than a minute and all the pieces needed to assemble it are always attached so you won’t arrive at the water’s edge missing a vital piece. It is stable, tracks well yet is easy to turn. Designed to be used with either a single paddle or a double kayak paddle.


Your best source for flotation safety gear and industrial rope.

Commercial rope and flotation gear provider. Mustang survival suits, inflatable PFDs… all kinds of things.

Also has various rope “hints” like making a 3-Strand Tuck Splice.

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Hope everyone had a blessed and safe Easter.

Folding Kayak Adventures

Folding Kayak Adventures

We have specialized in Feathercraft folding kayaks since 1996 and have become familiar with SOAR inflatable canoes and Alpacka pack rafts since our move to Colorado in 2006. We regularly use these craft and the Kokatat dry suits and paddling gear we stock.

Our first-hand knowledge of these world-renowned portable boats and our commitment to provide you with personal, efficient service and factory-direct prices makes Folding Kayak Adventures your best source for Feathercraft kayaks, SOAR inflatable canoes, Alpacka pack rafts and paddling accessories.

We also carry Kokatat dry suits and watersports wear and expedition paddling gear, including four-piece paddles, life jackets, dry bags, safety equipment, and some camping gear.

‘Almost Free’ Cruising Guides

Mark and Diana Doyle, which we’ve mentioned several time for thier great Intracoastal Waterway guides, has announed that they are moving to a low-cost, ad-free model, operating as a non-profit.

This seems a great boon to cruisers, and a great way to get some high quality guides while supporting a good organization. Check them out.

When Mark and I first started our Managing the Waterway guides—now On the Water ChartGuides—we made the decision to keep our publications low-cost and ad-free. We wanted to put cruisers first, and realized it was always going to be a public service project.

Well, we’ve now decided to make it formal! On March 1, 2014, semi-local publications LLC (dba On the Water ChartGuides and formerly Managing the Waterway) ceased commercial operations. Going forward, and operating as a non-profit, our efforts will be to deliver “Almost Free” cruising and anchoring guides to boaters transiting the Intracoastal Waterway between Hampton Roads, Virginia and Biscayne Bay, Florida.

What does this mean for you? It means our goal is now to make our resources available as close to free as possible. As you can imagine, we can’t seem to find a paper manufacturer, printer, or fulfillment house as enthusiastic about supplying free ICW information to boaters as we are. So, in practice, with manufacturing and transaction costs, that puts a paper guide from our website at $9.95 (from $29.95). Future enhanced-digital editions should only be a few dollars.

In addition, we will move toward disseminating safety and educational information about the ICW through electronic media, boating presentations and webinars, and free updates via Twitter and Facebook.

Our new (mobile-compatible!) website, now reflects these new prices and will contain additional content over time.

Mark and I are very excited about doing this, and we hope the cruising community is as enthusiastic!

Warm regards,

Captains Mark and Diana Doyle, Authors