Boat design, home building, and cruising in a nutshell

Good overview of the history of one of those nautical terms you might have wondered about... knot.

I've seen "single sheet boats" plenty of time (where you build a boat from a single sheet of plywood), but I've never encountered a "single 2x4" boat before.

Very nice woodwork... a bit unstable on that first launch, but try, try again... :-)

The launch:

The build:

The other day I mentioned the Oru Kayak with Electrafin, but I wanted to point out that this is not the only product that Current Drives produces. The same device can attach to SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards), and they have their own SUPs and inflatable SUPs with integrated electric drives.

I need to try a SUP someday... not sure my balance is that good, but looks like fun :-)

Oru Kayak has had some really neat, Coroplast kayaks for a while now. They are fold up into an easily transportable box that you can sling on your bike or whatever, then assemble when you are ready for the water.

Now they are adding Electrafin® Current Drives as an option. Looks really slick.

Donald Collier is making good progress on a Glen-L Riviera (plans available here.

Despite a pretty bad accident involving an encounter between his finger and his saw, progress is moving on. Stay safe, Donald!

25 Dec 2015 09:56:56

Merry Christmas


Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Hopefully you all got some good boating stuff, or maybe just some time to work on your hobbies and visit with friends and family.

Most importantly, lets remember the 'reason for the season' as they say...

Merry Christmas!

21 Dec 2015 21:29:16

SpaceX Lands!

space SpaceX

OK, it's not a boat... but it's sure exciting technology.

Contrats to SpaceX!

They landed their Falcon 9 first stage back on solid ground... the first orbital launch craft to return a first stage for reuse.

Incredible, just incredible.

That was one of the most exciting launches I've watched in years.

Some good looking, "hollow wood" paddleboards. Tutorials and plans available, as well as kits (or at least CNC cut frames).

Our earlier link concerning drainage pipe clams was an idea this builder posted.

One thing a boat builder can never have enough of is clamps, but those little things can get pricey pretty quick.

Often the need is for lots of "gentle" pressure, not tons of force.

This paddle board maker has come up with a nice solution - split drainage pipe.

As a professional builder of hollow wooden paddle boards I have a lot of clamps. One of the handiest clamps I use are these spring clamps made from 4" Schedule 20 perimeter drain pipe. These clamps were originally made for building the rails on my wood paddle board kits, but this summer my wife started stealing them for holding down row-covers in her garden. The clamps do not have crushing clamping force but for their weight they are surprisingly strong. There are many things that make these clamps really awesome:

  • They can clamp at weird angles.
  • They can be used individually with a very light touch or nested together to increase their clamping force.
  • They stay put on narrow edges where other clamps eject themselves
  • They are rust-proof
  • They weigh next to nothing

Probably the coolest thing is they are made from the waste cutoffs that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Every new construction project throws out enough perimeter drainage pipe cutoffs to fill a Rubbermaid with these clamps. It is because of this upcycling benefit that I feel this secrete should not be limited to just wood surfboard builders.

20 Nov 2015 15:43:08

Passing of Ted Pike

I received this from Jay Greer from the CommonsenseBoats mailing list.

Our condolences to Ted's friends and family.

A very good man has just crossed the bar. I was over at Edensaw Hardwoods today and learned, much to my sorrow, that an old friend I and many of you may have known over the years has passed on. Ted Pike left this world about four weeks ago. Ted aside from being a great sailor and boat builder was one of the top sales reps for Edensaw here in Port Townsend WA. He had not been feeling up to par for over a week and so checked into Jefferson County Hospital. They ran a few tests and put him on a chopper for Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Shortly after arriving he lapsed into a coma and passed on a few weeks later. He never regained consciousness. Sorry to have to say goodby to a pal!
Jay Greer

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